We’ve Officially Launched in Hong Kong!
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We’ve Officially Launched in Hong Kong!

Team Switch is very excited to announce that we’ve launched in Hong Kong! That’s right—not only is the HK version of the app available for download, we’ve already loaded up the app with a wide range of fitness, wellbeing, and leisure activities in Hong Kong.

Back in 2015, CEO Gary Blowers had moved from the UK to Dubai. Excited to experience this new city, he tried to go out and try all the unique activities Dubai offered. He quickly realised that both customers and small business providers were struggling to find an easy solution when it came to activity discovery, booking and payments. Two years later, Switch & Co was born.

We’ve since expanded to Abu Dhabi, which is still in the UAE. So, why Hong Kong, you ask? Aside from the fact that we love this city (obviously), we met Cigna Hong Kong CEO and Country Manager Yuman Chan at RISE in January 2019—one of Asia’s largest tech conferences in Hong Kong—who posed the question, “How quickly can you launch this in Hong Kong?”

While our tech team worked extremely hard on creating a global version of the app that included Hong Kong, our HK team and members of the Dubai team diligently formed partnerships and sought the best activities to include on the app for launch. During this time, we still managed to attend RISE in July, host a KO8 session with Cigna Hong Kong, and create a unique musical yoga experience at Tai Kwun.

We’re so excited to now officially have landed in Hong Kong—a city made up of such incredibly diverse leisure, fitness and wellbeing activities. At launch we have almost 100 activities all over Hong Kong from quality providers, and we’re adding more every week. From dance class to strength training to massages to indoor playgrounds—there is sure to be something for everyone!

The app is free and offers you complete flexibility. Browse our high-quality video content, book wellness activities and pay as you go. No subscriptions, commitments or penalties.

Download Switch & Co from the App Store or Google Play today!

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