A Unique Partnership.

Back in January, we met with Yuman Chan, CEO & Country Manager for Cigna Hong Kong and after just a few minutes of demonstrating the Switch app it was clear that a chord had been struck.

“How quickly can you launch this in Hong Kong?” said Yuman, “as we’d love to partner with you and offer it to all of our members [customers]”.

From that moment, it was clear to us that we’d found a partner with an aligned vision. At Cigna, they are committed to supporting their customers’ health & wellbeing, they’re constantly innovating and they’re dedicated to customer service excellence.

So it was only natural that we would put our heads together and look at ways in which we can support Cigna members (& HK residents) to live an active lifestyle.

After a few months of brainstorming, gathering feedback & looking at what the end result should look like, we were able to develop a proposition for Cigna members that is truly unique and we’re proud to be the delivery partner on this journey.

From September, Cigna members will be invited to download the Switch app and upon signing up, they can join the Cigna group on the Switch app, whereby they will benefit from:

The Switch app is free to download & available on the App Store & Google Play.

Cigna members can join the Cigna group on the Switch app by entering the code CignaHK2019 in the “My Profile” screen when joining a new group.

If you’re a Cigna member and you’d like to learn more about the member benefits and Switch partnership, get in touch.

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