Meet Ryan Charem of Precision Fitness
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Meet Ryan Charem of Precision Fitness

We caught up with Ryan Charem of Precision Fitness - a one-of-a-kind fitness community and studio.

Back in October, we stumbled across a hidden gem - literally. As we come out of the elevator on the 11th floor of Jade Centre tower, we took our shoes off and entered the Precision Fitness studio. From the moment you step barefoot into the studio, you feel welcomed into the family, with an incredibly friendly vibe, all sharing the same goal - to get fit & have fun whilst doing so.

We sat down with Ryan Charem, founder of Precision Fitness to learn more about him, the studio and its incredible community:

Switch: Tell us about Precision Fitness & what makes it so unique.

Ryan: Precision Fitness is a boutique fitness centre in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, which is redefining the industry by creating abest-in-class experience to every member, from body makeover challenges, personal training, group classes, nutrition coaching, to physiotherapy.In a one to one context, we are huge proponents of taking a big picture approach to you become healthier and happier for a total makeover. By understanding the role of behaviour, stress, nutritional and physical data, we create an intelligent, realistic and personalised plan that is designed to complement your life, not conflict. Through this thoughtful approach, which is based on the latest science, we create a program that is clearly defined by you for you.

Switch: What does a typical member look like & why do they choose precision?

Ryan: They've tried the “quick fixes” and “detox diets” and it didn’t work for them. They usually come from "big box" gyms andare sick of the impersonal feel and looking for more guidance. Wefeel that community is the missing link to long-term success and we have the results to show it. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out our Facebook and Instagram!

Switch: How did you get into fitness / personal training?

Ryan: It was actually more gradual than people think. I was obsessed withtechnology from a young age and spent many years working in the industry as a computer geek which also meant I was a skinny dude. I always played sports growing up which helped keep me active but it wasn't until my social circles changed that I started to learn more about strength training and nutrition. It also helped that I had such a loving and willing father to train and apply my knowledge with during those intensiveyears of study. At first it was just for those close to me like family and friends. But my love for training grew and I slowly transitioned to being a personal trainer. It became my side job between jobs while I was trying to transition out of my previous career. In 2012, I started training clients in groups, which is when I developed our first 4-week challenge program. It quickly filled up and became our most popular transformation program that took off like a rocket! People were getting lean and sexy, telling their friends, and in turn, more people got lean and sexy! And now with our team and my business partner, Daniel, we launched our new studio on Wellington Street in May 2017.

Switch: What's your favourite thing about Hong Kong?
“People here are hustling! It's hard to be lazy when you're living and working in HK.”

For more information on Precision Fitness, check them out on Insta or Facebook. Better still, head on over to the Studio.

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