Meet Trixie and Leo Velez of Defin8 Fitness
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Meet Trixie and Leo Velez of Defin8 Fitness

The husband-and-wife duo share why fitness is important to them.

You know what they say — a couple that trains together, stays together! And that couldn’t be truer for husband-and-wife duo, Trixie and Leo Velez — the owners of DEFIN8 studio in Central, Hong Kong.

In between their packed schedule of pilates, barre, strength and dance classes, we sat down with ‘T&L’ to find out how they met, what makes DEFIN8 special and why they believe health and fitness is so important in Hong Kong.

Switch: Please introduce yourselves!

Trixie: We are Trixie and Leo Velez — husband and wife team, fitness professionals and entrepreneurs who are currently running our own fitness and pilates studio in Hong Kong. We actually met each other in a group fitness class 10 years ago.

Switch: How did your respective fitness journeys begin?

Trixie: Mine started before sixth grade, when I became obsessed over my mom’s treadmill and those ab-curl machines! It goes to show that I’ve been interested in fitness from a young age. When I met Leo, I became more involved in fitness by training myself in different programs such as dance, strength, cardio and Pilates, among others. 

Leo: I started teaching group fitness class during college, and when I applied to become an instructor, I was accepted straight away. After that, I decided to pursue fitness full-time by working as a manager in a gym.

Switch: Tell us about DEFIN8. How did it all start?

Trixie: DEFIN8 actually started in 2016. Back then, I used to go back and forth between a few studios in Central and Causeway Bay. It was a bit challenging with the different studio rentals, so I decided to take the risk and open my own. After six months or so, I opened the first DEFIN8 studio on Wyndham Street and this year (2019), we moved to a bigger, two-storey studio on Wellington Street in Central.

Switch: What’s special about DEFIN8 and its classes?

Trixie: DEFIN8 is all about community and real results — we’re like a family where everyone is welcome and the vibe isn’t intimidating. We also make sure that working out is fun and not a chore, and you get real definition and progress. 

Switch: Who are your typical members and why do they come to DEFIN8?

Trixie: Anyone who wants to make a change in their lifestyle and looking to get long and lean. Our members come from all walks of life and are usually looking for a positive atmosphere in their gym.

Switch: What are your most popular classes?

Trixie: That’s a difficult question as all our classes are quite different! But, some people have said that our Fatburn + Abs Blaze class is one the hardest cardio classes they’ve tried. And now that we offer BodyPump and Reform8, more and more people are getting hooked on strength training and pilates.

Switch: Why do you think health and fitness is important, especially in Hong Kong?

Trixie: It’s not only important in Hong Kong, but all around the world! It’s important to stay as healthy and physically active as possible, because health is wealth.

For more information on DEFIN8, check them out on Instagram or Facebook. Or better yet, book a class with them this week on the Switch & Co app!

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