Meet Judy Xu of Balance Health
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Meet Judy Xu of Balance Health

Find out how a holistic health approach can help you de-stress.

Feeling overworked and burned out? You’re not alone. Hong Kong is one of the most fast-paced cities in the world and it’s (sadly) quite normal to feel stressed out at work and at home.

That’s why places like Balance Health exist—to help busy people combat the stresses of everyday life with holistic therapies and alternative treatments. We spoke with life coach and owner of Balance Health, Judy Xu, to find out what holistic health is all about and how it’s the perfect antidote to stress in the workplace, and in life!

Switch: Where are you from and how did you end up in Hong Kong?

Judy: I’m from Shanghai but I came to Hong Kong to study my MBA at HKUST. After graduation, I started working in a typical MBA type of corporate job but soon realised that it wasn’t my calling, so I quit and began the journey to find my northern light.  

I went on to study Chinese medicine and nutrition and eventually opened up a clinic in Hong Kong with a partner. From there, I trained myself as a holistic health coach and that’s when I realised that health went far beyond the physical—there’s also energy levels, emotions and the mind. 

For my own practice I went deeper into the mind and trained myself further to become a transformational life coach. I coach people on stress management, resilience, life purpose and executive career change. Today I'm very happy to share my story of living my purpose and support other people to do the same.

Switch: When did you join Balance Health and what services does it offer?

Judy: I took over Balance Health five years ago and made it even more holistic by bringing Chinese medicine into the mix to complement the existing bodywork, which includes physiotherapy, osteotherapy and different kinds of massage. We also offer energy healing like Reiki, kinesiology and body talk, as well as coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy.

Switch: What makes Balance Health stand out from other similar service providers?

Judy: We’re really strong in Chinese medicine and we use a truly integrative holistic approach. For instance, we treat fertility with a combination of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and manage stress with alternative therapies like Tibetan singing bowls and Reiki. I also personally coach people to build more resilience to stress, while the Yuen Method can help align a person’s energy and clear out any blockages. Balance Health has supported thousands to achieve health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

Switch: Who are your typical clients at Balance Health and what do they come for?

Judy: Many come from the corporate world with high-stress jobs, such as bankers, lawyers and consultants. Most of the issues they face are stress-related, which manifests itself in various ways—such as digestive or skin issues and insomnia. We also see a lot of people looking for personal growth, who come for coaching and/or energy healing to become a better version of themselves. We also have a strong women's health program that caters to women including treatments for pre- and post-natal care, fertility and hormonal imbalance.

Switch: What are some great treatments for people in the corporate world? 

Judy: Acupuncture and massage are great—especially deep tissue massage. There’s also Chi Nei Tsang for the stomach, which helps get rid of all the stress and toxins that are typically stored there, while craniosacral and Reiki therapy are effective for deep relaxation and sleep. For those who suffer from insomnia, there’s also hypnotherapy and sleep therapy.

Switch: How do you personally handle stress in Hong Kong?

Judy: As a mother of two, coach and owner of two businesses, I have every reason to be stressed. That’s why I begin each day with my morning practice, which includes 1-2 hours of yoga, meditation and visualisation to get truly grounded. I also have a nighttime routine where I practice a bit of yoga and meditation before bed, which also includes managing my screen time. By doing this, my energy is always quite high and I’m able to stay focused and present during the day.

Switch: Your top tips to achieving holistic health in Hong Kong? 

Judy: Look at how you eat, exercise, monitor your sleep quality and how you manage stress. Most people in Hong Kong are stressed—it’s pretty much a given—so you need to have a stress management strategy in place. Practicing mindfulness is a good start, and we offer a variety of different group meditation classes where everyone is welcome. 

Book a meditation class with Balance Health on the Switch & Co app and start de-stressing today!

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