How To Transform Your Business For Success
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How To Transform Your Business For Success

A recent article by The Guardian shows how the impact of COVID-19 is changing the way businesses are not just currently working, but might continue to do so.

Business process functions are severely disrupted. For many multinationals, complex and business-critical services that are handled by global operations must be reassessed and restructured. Here are four learnings on how to set yourself up for success during times of crises. (Source: Accenture):

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

Community First: How Precision Fitness Is Supporting Its Clients

Precision Fitness is one of Switch & Co's wellness partners and a role model when it comes to client engagement, customer relationships and a modern way of operating. Community is key, so it came as no surprise that ever since COVID-19 became a part of our daily lives, Precision Fitness started engaging its community through daily livestream group fitness classes, chats, and virtual workshops.

Making use of community-centric communication tools to interact with staff and members via WhatsApp and Facebook groups help to create a feeling of belonging and provides mental health support during these times, rather than only looking for immediate revenue streams.

"As a gym owner, I like to think that we are existing for how we are going to be next week, month, a year from now. How we show up for our members now will be how they talk about us when things get back to normal. I think about this every day. "

Ryan Charem, Founder of Precision Fitness

Precision Fitness is a boutique fitness studio in the heart of Central, offering personal coaching, group classes, 4-week challenges, and online consultations. Its classes are available on the Switch app. Precision Fitness HK | 11/F, 98 Wellington Street, Jade Centre, Central, Hong Kong

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