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From Saadiyat Island, to the Corniche, to Khalifa City - this girl moves around the city.

We recently caught up with Karly to learn a bit more about her and get her tips on the best places to visit around the city.

Switch: Tell us about Movement One & why you started it.

Karly: Movement One is an online, motivational platform seeking to provide daily movement inspiration to busy people with busy lifestyles. It's about creating community.When I think about the concept of Movement One, and the idea behind it, and why I created it, it makes me feel like I am truly living out my purpose and my passion.And it really brings together everything in my life, all of my goals and everything I believe in. The concept behind it is simple: Life is Busy, Just Move.Itencourages me (and hopefully others) to find time to enjoy some form of movement everyday.I am not an elite athlete, and Idon't really strive to be. But movement has been important to me my whole life, and I want other people to find that as well;especially those who tend to live a sedentary lifestyle - either due to a busy schedule, lack of opportunity or lack of interest.The main goal of Movement One is simple - just to move, anytimeand anywhere. I find a lot of thecurrent fitness programs and apps out there today have some major focus or goal, such as losing weight, which is perhaps too narrowly focused.

I believe when people move daily, they feel better. Endorphins arereleased. They become stronger and more confident. Maybe in turn, they will shed a few pounds or tone their muscles, but I never wanted to make that the main focus or goal. To me, it's not all about looks, but about how one feels. Body positivity is such an important trend in our current society. I also wanted to use myskillset and my background to create something very diverse and well-rounded. If you're not in the mood for a tough HIIT workout, then maybe try some yoga or stretching. If you've never tried Pilates, we have Pilates-inspired programs.For the days where energy is low, and you're just not feeling a workout of any type, we have relaxation and meditation-inspired programs.Movement One is about finding what moves you; One Movement, One Life, Something for everybody! I love watching peoplefrom all walks of life getting involved. That is thereason I started it.

How did you get into sports therapy?

When I first started university, I wasenrolled in Education to become a teacher. As I went through the first year of the program, I realised I would more likely enjoy Physical Education. And once I began the curriculum for Physical Education, it became apparent to me that these courses were moresuited to my interests. I loved taking Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, and learning about the specifics of human movement. It became quite clear that I should make an adjustment to my career path, and that is when I switched programs toenrolin the Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy program.Sports Therapywas myinitialaccomplishment, and from there I completed my yoga teachertraining, Stott Pilatesinstructor training, as well as acupuncture and various other certifications in holistic health. In my opinion, it's all foundational, and it really all works together.

What's your favourite thing about Abu Dhabi?

My favourite thing about Abu Dhabi, is that it remains fairly traditional. I love that it has a quiet and conservative side. I love how there is deep, rich culture and tradition interspersed within some of the mostmodern lifestyle concepts in the world. I spend most of my time on Saadiyat Island where it is so peaceful and feels like absolute paradise, and it cannot be matched by many other places worldwide. The UAE, and Abu Dhabi in particular, has a feeling thatcan't be described until you spend some quality time here, though a sense of it can also be felt immediately, as soon as one arrives in the country.

I love connecting to the history and culture and taking in all that the region has to offer. The fitness scene in Abu Dhabi is still a growing trend, which I am so thrilled to be a part of - and it hasn't even quite hit its peak yet!

Where's your favourite spot to go for a great coffee?

Although I do enjoy a good coffee, I don't necessarily depend on itto wake me up and keep me going all day. In saying that, when I stop for a coffee, it is out of pure enjoyment, for taste and indulging, and it must leave me with a warm and happy feeling inside.

I have a few favourite spots; Blacksmith has the best matcha lattein the city. The Surf Cafe has the best Almond Milk flat white. I go to Nolu's when I'm craving something lighter, liketheir Coconut Chai latte.

I love seeing otherlittle niche hotspots opening up throughout the city: Boroughs is great, especially if you want to take a stroll around Yas Marina, and Local in Al Zeina also has a really great vibe.

As I said, for me a coffee break occurs more for enjoyment, ratherthan habit, so i tend to make it a bit of an event, rather than a quick pitstop.


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