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Earlier this month, we were delighted to take part in Emirates NBD’s inaugural Wellness Festival that brought together a select number of leading vendors from the health, fitness and wellbeing sector. Held over two mornings at ENBD’s Meydan offices, the festival welcomed hundreds of eager and open-minded employees who came along to learn how they could enhance and take charge of their health with the offerings available on-site.

Switch DXB was the leading digital partner in the initiative, showcasing the Switch DXB app and its countless benefits for employees to unlock their potential both inside and outside of the workplace. With over 500+ health, fitness, wellbeing and leisure activities available to book and pay on the app, ENBD employees were impressed with the breadth and diversity of our marketplaceoffering.

Alongside Switch DXB were other vendors offering BMI analysis and blood sugar testing, as well as select preventative health clinics, fitness studios and an organisation offering high-level DNAcomposition readings. The outdoor festival was made even more exciting with a live DJ on the decks keeping the vibe high, as well as daily fitness activities which included a plank hold challenge, resulting in 2 employees taking home gym memberships as prizes. Emirates NBD are renowned for their ongoing commitment to employee health and wellbeing, offering internal initiatives such as Fitness Club which focuses on specific active pillars and monthly health-related themes to engage their workforce. Their aim moving forward is to diversify their existing wellness proposition within the organisation and to drive continued awareness of healthy living, thus they look forward to bringing theWellness Festival back at regular intervals throughout the year.

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