5 Ways to De-stress in Hong Kong
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5 Ways to De-stress in Hong Kong

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Life in Hong Kong can be stressful trying to balance a busy work schedule with friends and family—not to mention trying to find time for yourself. And with the holiday season coming up, it’s more important than ever to know how to manage stress so you don’t fall ill, burnout or take it out on the Christmas shopping crowds.

They say prevention is the best medicine, so here are five proven ways to help keep your stress levels down:


Meditation is the practice of silencing the mind of thoughts that often run wild and free (and often, in circles). All you need is five minutes and a quiet place to sit down, relax and focus on the present moment using a sound or your own breath. If you need some guidance, there are many meditation apps and group classes to help you get started.


Studies show that massage can reduce stress, pain and muscle tension in the body, in addition to improving circulation and range of motion. With so many types to choose from including hot stone, aromatherapy and sport, you can truly customise the massage to your needs. Just be sure to choose a light-handed approach, or you might end up with even more pain and stress!


Besides flexibility, yoga’s many benefits include reduced stress levels, better sleep and a sense of well-being thanks to its combination of stretching, controlled breathing and meditation. The practice also improves mindfulness and self-compassion, so you won’t be so hard on yourself over the holidays.


You know what they say: stressed is desserts spelled backwards, so why not bake up a storm to destress? Whether you prefer cookies or cake, baking has been proven to be a relaxing and mindful activity that also allows you to get creative. Now if only everything in life could be solved by a chocolate chip cookie…


As it turns out, moving your body to your favourite tunes isn’t just good for reducing stress, it’s also great for brain health as it requires a combination of mental, physical and social skills. So, whether you’re freestyling or following some kind of choreography, know that with each beat, you’re stepping towards a better and happier you.

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