5 Non-spooky Activities On The Switch & Co App
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5 Non-spooky Activities On The Switch & Co App

When it comes to fitness, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

The thought of exercising can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way. On the Switch & Co app, there are plenty of non-spooky activities that are suitable for beginners, like stretching, dancing, or simply lying around (they call it ‘shavasana’ or ‘corpse pose’ in yoga—how fitting!).

If you’ve been dying to find something new to try, here are five activities on the app that Team Switch recommends:

Stretch by Energy Kingdom

Stiff as a zombie? Book yourself into the Stretch class at Energy Kingdom, where deep stretches will help improve the flow of oxygen and blood in the body to relax muscles, increase range of motion and flexibility—just what you needed to stay moving! 

Basic Yoga at Mantra Yoga

If handstands sound horrific, keep it simple with Mantra Yoga’s yoga class for beginners. Starting with the fundamentals, you’ll be taught basic yoga poses and breathing techniques to go with each stretch to enhance flexibility and mental clarity.

Barre Formula 101 at Barre Formula

A potion of ballet, yoga and pilates, Barre Formula 101 focuses on technique, form and flow to help you build a solid foundation in barre—and your abs. Grab some light weights, pilates balls and resistance bands and start pulsing away!

Zumba at Defin8 Fitness

If monsters can mash, then so can you. Join the Zumba class at Defin8 for a fun, interval-style dance workout where the moves may be simple, but the calorie burn is intense. And don’t be afraid to bust out your best Frankenstein…

Yamuna Body Rolling at Options Pilates

Say RIP to tight muscles with Yamuna Body Rolling at Options Pilates. Using small balls, this workout and massage therapy class-in-one will help release all the tension in your muscles, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and ready for anything.

Time to shake those cobwebs off - book your next activity on the Switch & Co app! Available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

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