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Imagine having minimum gravity for 60 minutes where you enter deep relaxation. Good news! “Point Zero Floatation” is on our Switch app and they have a perfect therapy for you to experience a unique state of feeling free. 

At Point Zero Floatation, they use a technique called R.E.S.T (restricting environment stimulation therapy) with the help of tanks or cubes that cut off all sensory experiences. These are filled with epsom salt, that allows you to flow and achieve complete stillness and silence. 

Here are 6 benefits of why you should try floatation:

1.Improves sleep

Floatation restores and refreshes the senses, leaving you relaxed, rested and also to able to forget about stress, leaving you to enjoy a good night sleep. In case you also experience insomnia, research shows that floating 2 hours a week for 2 weeks will reduce insomnia symptoms.

2. Pain relief & sports recovery

Floating takes the weight of strained bones, joints and muscles and increases the efficiency of the blood circulation through the body. This helps the speed of recovery after injury or intense sports be faster.

3. Increase of magnesium level

Bathing in epsom salt has been used for hundreds of years to improve magnesium level and it is still proven true.

4. Healthier skin & hair

Epsom salt also has positive effects on your hair and skin. Epsom salt helps you open pores and remove dead skin cells to reveal clear, glowing skin underneath. For your hair, salt also does its magic and can create more volume and the appearance of thicker hair.

5. Reduces stress & anxiety

Being away from gadgets and previously mentioned benefits leave no doubt that floatation leaves you relaxed with a clear mind and feeling good about yourself. 

Give yourself some time to switch off and enter place of zero distraction. Go to our Switch app and book a session at Point Zero Flotation - your body and mind will thank you. 

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