3 Ways To Switch Off in Abu Dhabi
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3 Ways To Switch Off in Abu Dhabi

We'd like to introduce you to 3 places from our app that can help you to switch off from work .

Work and daily activities are filled with information. Research shows that our brain is exposed to the equivalent of 34gb of information each day, which is about 8 hd quality movies. Many of us are on the go all day long or are engaged with people, these daily hustles can bring  stress home and your mind is still active when you should be relaxing and enjoying your evening. therefore, it is important to switch off before your evening starts.

Treating yourself with relaxation or exercise after work is an effective way to switch off, lift your mood and clear your mind. Whether you like to do yoga, get a massage or punch out your energy in a boxing class, we have it covered on the switch app. 

Here are 3 places you can switch off in Abu Dhabi: 


Troonfit studios by “advantage sports” in abu dhabi has several locations and offer classes such as yoga, trx, bootcamps, pilates, circuit training, dance fitness, yoga kettlebells and much more. 

2. Reva luxury massage

Reva provides luxury massages in the comfort of your home, office or in  a location of your choice. Their massage therapist will come to you with a massage table, linens, candles and music to create a your own spa-like experience. 

3. Point zero floatation center

Floatation is a technique in which the body’s external stimuli such as gravity, light, sound, smell, taste and touch are substantially reduced in order to achieve deep relaxation.

Go to the Switch and Co app, explore and  book an activity or service you enjoy.

Happy switching off!

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